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The bundle includes: enzyme, wine yeast, yeast nutrient, fermentation finisher, clarifier. Enzyme - necessary to achieve a nicer color, cleaner and better taste. Releases fruit juices by breaking down fruit cells. Add the yeast a few hours before. Yeast nutrient- Add before yeast, provides all necessary substances for better functioning of yeast. Wine yeast - Suitable for fermenting white, rosé and red wine. Add enzyme and yeast nutrient at 20-25C. Fermentation Stopper- Stops the fermentation process, prevents re-fermentation and helps the wine to keep better. Added at the end of the fermentation process. Clarifier- A finisher is added after the fermentation. Stir the wine beforehand to release the carbon dioxide in the wine. Add packet A and mix lightly, a few hours later add packet B and mix again lightly. Leave to clear for 24 hours.