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Fermentation chamber in durable styrofoam (EPS) with a control unit for heating and cooling. At ambient temperature (20 °C) the Ferminator can lower the temperature to 0 C° and raise it to 50 C°. The well-insulated chamber keeps the fermentation at a precise and stable temperature and the built-in fan ensures even temperature distribution throughout the Ferminator. Easy to set and adjust the temperature setting. Suitable for everything between cold crashing to warm fermentation with Kveik. Great potential for other types of fermentation processes, for example Koji or Natto. Built-in fan with 3 adjustable speed levels for even temperature distribution Plug-and-play control unit, easy to set in increments of 0,5 °C Additional expansion modules and an extra Control Unit can be purchased, making the Ferminator fit most needs Modular construction for easy assembly and storage Approximated time needed for temperature changes From 20°C to 5°C ca 24 - 48 h From 20°C to 0°C ca 48 - 72 h From 20°C to 40°C ca 8 - 12 h From 50°C to 20°C > 24 h Max. energy consumption: 75 W, in Stand-by mode: 1 W Noise level: 40 - 50 dB depending on set fan speed Material: EPS plastic External dimensions: Height: 65 cm Width / depth: 56 cm Internal dimensions: Height: 53 cm Width / depth: 43 cm For better durability and to protect the bottom of the Ferminator, the Ferminator Bottom Plate should be used.