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With this pressure kit you unlock the FermZilla’s true potential, it turns the FermZilla into a true uni tank, which is a conical fermenter for fermenting, carbonating, and dispensing.. Thanks to this upgrade it is now possible to ferment under pressure at home, just like commercial breweries do. As a result, more heat is retained and less esters and fusel alcohols are released during fermentation. By fermenting under pressure, the beer is already carbonated and can be served directly using the pressure kit. The pressure relieve valve ensures that the 2.4 bar maximum pressure on the fermentation vessel is not exceeded. Should you still want to keg, then you can easily transfer your beer to a keg without pressure loss. less esters and fusel alcohols in the beer due to fermentation under pressure always draw clear beer with the floating dip tube beer is already carbonated by fermentation under pressure serve directly or transfer to a keg without pressure loss