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A high-foaming, acidic anionic final rinse for use in the food and beverage industry. cleans tanks and equipment spotlessly and avoids the build-up of minerals is not affected by organic pollution only requires a contact time of 60 sec. not suitable for soft metals and CIP systems dosage: 15 to 25 ml/10 litre Directions for use: to be used as a rinse after thorough cleaning with a good alkaline detergent such as Chemipro Wash. Use 15 to 25 ml of Chemipro San per 10 litres of water. Apply on surface with a cloth, sponge, soak or spray. Rinse only with clean potable water. Close the packaging tightly after use and store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. To prevent leakage, always store the packaging in an upright position. Do not mix Chemipro San with chlorinated cleaning agents as chlorine gas will result. Keep out of reach of children.